Recent work

Holebi Filmfestival

LGBTIQ film festival and short film competition, Belgium
Holebi Filmfestival

Creation of a new logo, visual language and 6 website templates based on the Bootstrap framework that can be integrated into the excisting content managment system.

Incorporate one existing brand asset (Popcorn boxes).


I created a flexible visual language due to the need for the organisation to create several 'sub-brands' based on the main logo.

Because of the requirement to base web pages on the Bootstrap framework, an overlaying stylesheet was created to give the templates the correct look and feel, without interfering with Bootstrap assets.

Ivan created for us a modular and flexible visual language and some highly responsive templates. He was able to please our entire team, and came in on time and on budget.
Kris Gielen
Chairman Holebi Filmfestival