Recent work


A team of accountants, financial and fiscal experts managing a portfolio of over 500 small to medium size businesses in the region of East Flanders, Belgium.
Vandenberghe, Accountants and Consultants

Stefaan Vandenberghe came to me for help with fusing two existing accounting and consulting companies into one, help digitalize the company processes and create a strategic vision for the future.

The assignment included: create a new brand identity, help reposition the brand, consult on the transition into a fully digital accounting environment for both office and customers, create a website with focus on content and on-boarding, create marketing materials, consult on social media and customer acquisition, copywriting.


We created a strategy and action plan to prepare, and propel, the company for the transitions that are disrupting the accounting industry.

We analyzed the 500 existing clients and defined the communication and marketing strategy for every client segment. A new logo, visual and corporate language was created and applied to a brand new website and all communication. 8 Illustrations were created by Heren Loebas to better match content with graphic elements.

I also consult on procedures and guidelines for all internal and external communication and provide insights and help in the choice of technical solutions.

Ivan has been our go-to strategist, designer and developer for several years and has helped us successfully transition and streamline our business.
Stefaan Vandenberghe
CEO - Vandenberghe bvba